What keeps us going when idea after idea gets shot down? It's the feeling we get the moment we finally find the perfect creative solution, get the perfect shot or compose the perfect track. We call that moment your booyah moment. It's a rush that makes you stand up and dance or call the interns in for a high five line. Everyone knows the feeling, and AICP wants to see the work that caused it.

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High Kicks & Foul Music

We asked some of the industry's leading minds to tell us what they do when they have a creative breakthrough. Some people kick, some listen to music, some just nod their head and move on. But they all got to where they are because they know how to tell a good idea when they see one.



Chief Content Officer
Co: Collective
It's In The Cards

Some people look elsewhere to find their booyah moment. A place beyond the stuffy confines of this astral plane. Whatever your rituals, we make no judgements.


VCU Brandcenter Concept
Parker Bell Art Director
Christina Chern Developer
Station Film Video
Joseph Biancaniello Cameraman
Anthony Rescigno Cameraman/Editor
Adam Richards Cameraman/Producer

STORY Additional Video
Mark Androw Executive Producer
Cliff Grant Executive Producer
John Komnenich Director
Brand New School Animation

COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound Music
Ravi Krishnaswami Composer
Jason Menkes Executive Producer
Color Audio Mix
Kevin Halpin Audio Mixer/Partner
Josh Abbey Audio Mixer/Partner
Jeff Rosner Executive Producer/Partner
Josh Heilbronner Technical Producer